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What is Special Steel?

What is Special Steel?

Special steel is made by adding various elements to iron. We make it to achieve various properties, such as heat resistance, hardness, and corrosion resistance.

Special steel is used for parts or manufacturing and maintenance components in various applications, from automobiles and other transportation equipment essential in modern society to daily home appliances and smartphone and other precision equipment.

Manufacturing process of special steel

Tohoku Steel commercializes mainly wires and bars by processing them (e.g., drawing, cutting, and heat treatment). To ensure high quality, we use ultrasonic and eddy current testers to test each product for internal and surface defects.


What is soft-magnetic stainless steel?

Principle of soft-magnetic stainless steel

In 1820, electromagnetism was discovered; iron becomes magnetized only when current flows through it. Later, in 1960, Tohoku Steel developed soft-magnetic stainless steel. Soft-magnetic stainless steel not only generates electromagnetism but is less likely to be oxidized. So, it has various applications as a material for anti-corrosive electromagnets.


Application of soft-magnetic stainless steel's features

One application that uses the features of soft-magnetic stainless steel is as an iron core of a solenoid valve because it is less likely to respond to fluid but will respond to the magnetic field. This property enables response in milliseconds (one-thousandth of a second); an iron core made of soft-magnetic stainless steel moves inside a component to allow or stop the flow of fluid when the magnetic field affects the electromagnet's properties.


Various applications of soft-magnetic stainless steel

Solenoid valves support various industries. One major application is fuel injectors installed in the upper part of engines. We deliver high quality material to engine parts manufacturers including Bosch, a German company that commercialized the world's first electronically controlled fuel injector.

In addition, soft-magnetic stainless steel is used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, automobile air conditioners, nozzles for electronic bidet toilet seats, and various other applications.