About S&G
What’s S&G?
S&G is a public free steel number data share platform. It was build by BSLWSSM, which has more than 20 years experience of material (metal) development.

S&G is a website includes more than 198650 data of Metal Material number and composition, Mechanical behavior for room temperature and high temperature, physical property, chemical property, heat treatment, welding performance, machinability, corrosion resisting property, technological curves, thexotropic index, corrosive, permissible stress and critical point etc.

The database contains varies types steel no. and grade of ferrous metal, steam turbine blades steel, Aeronautic and Astronautic material, Mill-spec material, Structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, tooling steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, Pig iron, cast iron, cast steel and special steel.

S&G’s Target
We aim to build one of the most complete steel number data share center.

S&G’s Service
We provide the service of purchasing material
PSI: Potential Supplier Identification.
Purchasing Procedure
Client’s RFQ – S&G technical analysis – Confirm processing technique – make an offer –confirm MPP – Sign purchasing contract – Deposit by T/T – Production – Processing follow ( quality control ) – quality inspect ( we provide test report, SGS test report or other test report available on request ) – Packing – Client make balance payment – Shipment

Customizable MPP
Client provide material standard or technique, S&G make MPP include smelting, forging, hot or cold works and heat treatment etc.. We provide Professional, Scientific, Serious service to our customers.

Customizable MPP procedure
Client provide material standard or technique – S&G Analysis client requirement – make MPP project – Client confirm MPP – sign MPP confidential agreement – offer – confirm order – deposit – make detail MPP – client confirm MPP – balance payment – send out MPP