Stainless steel Free-cutting 303/416/430F Grinding bar
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Stainless steel in chemical element sulfur in steel with manganese and iron, manganese sulfide inclusion such inclusions can interrupt the continuity of the metal matrix, and the led chip breaker when cutting form small, short curl radius, and easy to eliminate, reduce tool wear, reduce the machining surface roughness, improve the efficiency of the knives' service life and production.
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Usually double stainless steel special steel production are according to the national standard production of sulfur content in 0.15 or higher, usually around 0.2.Also can be made according to customer's special materials, such as the 304 s and 430 s, 316 f sulfur control between 0.04 to 0.08, also can improve the cutting performance of materials.

Free cutting stainless steel 303, 416, 303 f grinding rod is suzhou double gold special steel main grinding rod products, production specifications Φ 10 - Φ 40, more than 40 Φ can be pressed or car light skinned, biggest production stripping calender Φ 90 specifications Φ 500 largest car light, also can be customized steel, square steel, round steel, etc.