Atomic structure
Element USES
physical property
Chemical property
Geological data
Biology data

Atomic structure

Atomic radius/A: 2.62
Atomic volume/cm3 / mol: 22.39
Electronic configuration: 1 2 3 4 s2p6 s2 s2p6d10 s2p6d10f5 5 s2p6 6 s2
Ion radius/A: 0.979
Covalent radius/A: 1.63 oxidation state: 3


1945 by J.A. Marinksy, L.E. Glendenin and C.D. Coryell (the United States, Tennessee, like tree bridge) found.


Nature has no, exists in uranium and thorium and plutonium breakup of the product.

Element USES

Used to gauge, test, etc.

physical property

Status: the radioactive rare earth metal.

Melting point (℃) : 931
Boiling point (℃) : 3512
Density (g/cc, 300 K) : 7.3

Than hot/J/gK: 0.18
Evaporation heat/KJ/mol:
Melting hot/KJ/mol: 86.7

Conductive rate / 106 / cm:
Coefficient of thermal conductivity/W/cmK: 0.179

Geological data

Retention time/year:

The sun (relative to the H = 1 x 1012) : unknown sea/P.P.M. : zero
The earth's crust/P.P.M. : trace, exists in uranium. The Atlantic ocean surface: Pacific surface:
Atmospheric/P.P.M. (volume) : the Atlantic ocean depths: deep in the Pacific:

Biology data

Content in the human body
Liver/P.P.M. :
Organs: zero muscle/P.P.M. :
Blood/mg dm-3: th intake/mg: zero
Bone/P.P.M. : people (70 Kg) are total body/mg: zero

Detailed information