Atomic structure
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Chemical property
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Atomic structure

Atomic radius/A: 2
Atomic volume/cm3 / mol: 15.7
Electronic configuration: 1 2 3 4 s2p6 s2 s2p6d10 s2p6d10 5 s2p1
Ion radius/A: 0.8

Covalent radius/A: 1.44 oxidation state: 3


1863 by Ferdinand Reich and Heironymous Richter (Germany, Freiberg) found.


Present in some zinc ore.

Element USES

Used for the high speed bearings coated, solar battery, mirror, nuclear power regulator, test, the transistor, the blood and lung of medical research.

physical property

State: silvery white rare metal.

Melting point (℃) : 156.76
Boiling point (℃) : 2073
Density (g/cc, 300 K) : 7.31

Than hot/J/gK: 0.23
Evaporation heat/KJ/mol: 231.5
Melting hot/KJ/mol: 3.263

Conductive rate / 106 / cm: 0.116
Coefficient of thermal conductivity/W/cmK: 0.816

Geological data

Retention time/year: unknown

The sun (relative to the H = 1 x 1012) : 44.7 sea/P.P.M. : 1 x 10-seven
The earth's crust/P.P.M. : 0.049 the Atlantic ocean surface: Pacific surface:
Atmospheric/P.P.M. (volume) : the Atlantic ocean depths: deep in the Pacific:

Biology data

Content in the human body
Liver/P.P.M. : unknown
Organs: muscle/P.P.M. : unknown
Blood/mg dm-3: unknown, but very low. Th intake/mg: unknown, but very low.
Bone/P.P.M. : the unknown person (70 Kg) are total body/mg: c 0.4

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