Atomic structure
Element USES
physical property
Chemical property
Geological data
Biology data

Atomic structure

Atomic radius/Å: 1.4
Atomic volume/cm3 / mol: 5
Covalent radius/A: 0.9
Electronic configuration: 1s2 2s2
Ion radius/Å: 0.35
Oxidation state: II


In 1797 in Paris, France, by Nicholas Louis Vauquelin found.


Mainly in green jade [AlBe3 (Si6O18)] and green jade (Al2BeO4) exists in the form of from nature.

Element USES

Can absorb a lot of heat, so used to the spacecraft, missile rocket, the airplane. Also used in the manufacture of light alloy.

physical property

State: strong, hard gray metal, is the light of the rigid metal. Melting point (℃) : 1278
Boiling point (℃) : 2970
Density (g/cc, 300 K) : 1.848

Than hot/J/gK: 1.82
Evaporation heat/KJ/mol: 292.4
Melting hot/KJ/mol: 12.2

Conductive rate / 106 / cm: 0.313
Coefficient of thermal conductivity/W/cmK: 2.01

Geological data

Retention time/year: 4000

The sun (relative to the H = 1 x 1012) : 14

The earth's crust/P.P.M. : 2.6
The Atlantic ocean surface: 8.8 x 10-8
The Pacific Ocean surface: 3.5 x 10-8

The Atlantic ocean depths: 17.5 x 10-8
Deep in the Pacific: 22 x 10-8

Biology data

Content in the human body
Liver/P.P.M. : 0.0016

Muscle/P.P.M. : 0.00075
Blood/mg dm-3: < 1 x 10-5
Th intake/mg: 0.01
Bone/P.P.M. : 0.003
People (70 Kg) are total body/mg: 0.036

Detailed information

Beryllium, atomic number 4, atomic weight 9.012182, is the lightest alkaline metal elements. In 1798 by the French chemist walker of the pillar and emerald green Abram chemical analysis discovered that. In 1828 the German chemist d le than the French chemist and separately with potassium chloride molten metal reduction beryllium get pure beryllium. Its English name is named after the vhailor. Beryllium in the crust in content is 0.001%, the main mineral have aquamarine, silicon beryllium stone and green gems. There are three kinds of natural beryllium isotope: beryllium 7, 8, beryllium beryllium 10.

Beryllium is gray metal steel; Melting point 1283 ° C, boiling point 2970 ° C, density of 1.85 g/cm ³, beryllium ion radius 0.31 Egypt, than other metal much smaller.

Beryllium chemical properties and lively, can form a density of the protective layer of surface oxidation, even in red, beryllium in air is very stable. Beryllium namely can and dilute acids reaction, also can dissolve in alkali, show both sexes. Beryllium oxide, halide has obvious covalent sex, beryllium compounds in the water can decompose, beryllium still can form polymers, and has obvious thermal stability covalent compounds.

Metal beryllium mainly used as a nuclear reactor JianSuJi neutrons. Beryllium copper alloy used to make not occur spark the tools, such as aviation engine key moving parts, precision instrument, etc. Beryllium because of light weight, high elastic modulus and thermal stability, has become a compelling aircraft and missile structural materials. Beryllium compounds to the human body is toxic, is one of the serious industrial pollution.