French (AFNOR) standards for steel materials

AFNOR standards for steel materials


Review of AFNOR Standards for Steel consists of 3 volumes. It contains formally approved AFNOR standard classifications, guides, practices, specifications, test methods, and terminology and related material such as proposals.


The following data is given for each standard: standard number and year, grade, chemical composition, and mechanical properties (yield point, tensile strength, notch toughness). When deemed useful, steel type, manufacturing method, thickness of plate, heat treatment, and other data are described.

This group of AFNOR standard specifications covers the carbon and alloy steels, plates and forgings used in boilers and pressure vessels, high-strength low-alloy, rolled steel floor plates, heat-treatable steels, hot and cold-rolled plates for cold forming, and free cutting steels; the steel for concrete reinforcement and prestressed concrete; and the properties for railway service rails and accessories. This volume covers the carbon and alloy tool steels. This volume covers the properties of stainless, heat-resisting and valve steels. To give review of standards for steel plate, sheet, and strip used in various applications; the properties of assorted types of steel wire, stainless and heat resisting steel wire, e.g.

Group standards for structural and constructional steels

AFNOR A 33-101 (82) Carbon steels
AFNOR A 35-551 (84) Cementation steels
AFNOR A 35-556 (84) Locking bolts
AFNOR A 35-557 (83) High performance bolts
AFNOR A 35-558 (83) Bolts for eleveted temperatures
AFNOR A 35-561 (92) Free cutting steels
AFNOR A 35-562 (86) Free cutting steels for drawing
AFNOR A 35-564 (83) Steels for cold forming
AFNOR A 35-565 (94) Ball and roller bearing steels
AFNOR A 35-566 (83) Chain steels
AFNOR A 35-567 (84) Cementation steels
AFNOR A 35-571 (84) Spring steels (hot formed)
AFNOR A 36-102 (93) Hot rolled strip
AFNOR A 36-204 (92) Plates
AFNOR A 36-208 (82) Plate for boilers and pressure vessels
AFNOR A 36-210 (83) Plate for boilers and pressure vessels
AFNOR A 36-211 (90) Steel plate for welded gas cylinders
AFNOR A 36-212 (85) Plates for offshore structures
AFNOR A 36-231 (92) Hot-rolled plates for cold forming
AFNOR A 36-232 (92) Cold-rolled plates for cold forming
AFNOR A 36-301 (92) Sheet for cold forming
AFNOR A 36-602 (88) Forging for boilers and pressure vessels
AFNOR A 36-612 (82) General purpose forgings
AFNOR A 37-502 (84) Cold-rolled strip
AFNOR A 35-501 (94) (EN 10025) Non alloy steels
AFNOR A 36-205/206) (92) (EN 10028-2) Flat products for pressure purpose (elevated temperatures)
AFNOR A 36-207 (92) (EN 10028-3) Flat products for pressure purpose (weldable fine grain steels, normalized)
AFNOR A 35-552 (91) (EN 10083-1) Heat-treatable steels
AFNOR A 35-553 (91) (EN 10083-2) Heat-treatable steels
AFNOR A 35 554 (91) (EN 10083-3) Heat-treatable steels
AFNOR A 36-201 (93) (EN 10113-2) Welded fine grained steels
AFNOR EN 10113-3 (93) Weldable fine grained steels
AFNOR EN 10130 (91) Cold rolled flat products for cold forming
AFNOR A 35-502 (93) (EN 10155) Steels with improved atmospheric resistance

Group standards for tool steels

AFNOR NF A 35-590 (1992)
AFNOR NF A 35-596 (87)

Group standards for stainless, heat resisting and valve steels

AFNOR A 35-559 (93) Heat-treatable special steels and stainless steels for externally threaded fasteners for use at low temperature
AFNOR A 35-573 (90) Plates, wide strips and strips
AFNOR A 35-574 (90) Semi finished products, bars and wire rod
AFNOR A 35-577 (90) Wire rods for cold forming
AFNOR A 35-578 (82) For application at high temperatures
AFNOR A 35-579 (91) Steels for exhaust valves
AFNOR A 35-583 (90) Wire rods for filler materials
AFNOR A 35-595 (92) Steels for cutlery
AFNOR A 36-209 (90) Plates for boilers and pressure vessels
AFNOR A 36-607 (84) Forgings for boilers and pressure vessels
AFNOR A 54-301 (73) Iron-nickel alloys
AFNOR A 54-401 (73) Ni-Mo and Ni-Mo-Cr alloys
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