Italian (UNI) standards for steel materials

UNI standards for steel materials


Review of UNI Standards for Steel consists of 3 volumes. It contains formally approved UNI standard classifications, guides, practices, specifications, test methods, and terminology and related material such as proposals.


The following data is given for each standard: standard number and year, grade, chemical composition, and mechanical properties (yield point, tensile strength, notch toughness). When deemed useful, steel type, manufacturing method, thickness of plate, heat treatment, and other data are described.

This group of UNI standard specifications covers the carbon and alloy steels, plates for boilers and other pressure vessels, plates sheet and strip, high-strength low-alloy, heat-treatable steels, hot and cold-rolled plates for cold forming, and spring steels. This volume features standards for various types of steel pipe which specify requirements for high-temperature service, ordinary use, and special applications such as fire protection use. Specifications for steel tubes list standard requirements for boiler and superheater tubes, general service tubes, still tubes in refinery service, heat exchanger and condenser tubes, mechanical tubing, and structural tubing. Steel casting specifications call out the standard properties for pressure purposes. Presentation is group standards for tool steels, stainless and heat resisting steels

Group standards for structural and constructional steels

UNI 3097 1975 Ball and roller bearing steels
UNI 3160 1983 Wear-resisting sand casting
UNI 3545 1980 Spring steels
UNI 3608 1983 Steel casting
UNI 4010 1975 High strength castings
UNI 4838 1980 Free-cutting steels
UNI 5462 1964 Seamless tubes
UNI 5598 1971 Wire rod for drawing
UNI 5571 1966 Chain steels
UNI 5949 1967 Seamless tubes with low temperature impact test
UNI 6102 1990 Railway tyre
UNI 6328-92   Rails
UNI 6358-90   Railway tyre
UNI 6363 1984 Welded and seamless tubes for water mains
UNI 6403 1986 Tubes for use in motor vehicles
UNI 6551 1969 Steel for axles
UNI 6786 1971 Steel for axles
UNI 6787 1971 Steel for axles
UNI 6860 1971 Wheel centres (cast)
UNI 7064 1982 Strip for springs
UNI 7065 1972 Strip
UNI 7091 1972 Welded tubes
UNI 7176 1973 Steel for axles
UNI 7316 1974 Cast exposed to pressure
UNI 7317 1974 Castings tough at subzero subject to pressure
UNI 7356 1974 Steels for bolts nuts and rivets
UNI 7382 1975 Hot rolled special steel
UNI 7464 1975 Wheel centres (cast)
UNI 7660 1977 Steels for pressure vessels
UNI 7729 1984 Seamless tubes
UNI 7730 1977 Hollow bars for machining
UNI 7746 1977 Forged steels
UNI 7806 1979 Hollow sections (cold-rolled)
UNI 7810 1973 Hollow sections (cold-rolled)
UNI 7846 1978 Cementation steels
UNI 7847 1979 Steels for superficial hardening
UNI 8077 1980 Nitriding steels
UNI 8373 1982 Hot rolled finished products
UNI 8550 1984 Case hardening steels
UNI 8551 1984 Steels for superficial hardening
UNI 8552 1984 Nitriding steels
UNI 8788 1985 Cementation steels
UNI 8863 1987 Tubes
UNI 8890 1987 Steels for cold forming
UNI 8893 1986 Strip for springs
UNI 8913 1987 Welded tubes
UNI EN 10025 1994 Non alloy steels
UNI EN 10028-2 1992 Flat products for pressure purpose (elevated temperatures)
UNI EN 10028-3 1992 Flat products for pressure purpose (weldable fine grain steels, normalized)
UNI EN 10083-1 1991 Heat-treatable steels
UNI EN 10083-2 1991 Heat-treatable steels
UNI EN 10130 1991 Cold rolled flat products cold forming
UNI EN 10207 1991 Steels for simple pressure vessels
UNI 6904-71 1971 Seamless tubes
UNI 7500-75 1975 Steels for pressure vessels
UNI 7737-77 1977 Steel castings
UNI 8317-81 1981 Plates sheet and strip
UNI 8366-82 1982 Strips for springs

Group standards for tool steels

UNI 29 55-82 Tool steels

Group standards for stainless and heat resisting steels

UNI 3159-83 Heat resisting sand castings
UNI 3161-83 Heat resisting sand castings
UNI 3992-75 Steels for internal combustion engine valves
UNI 6900-71 Stainless and heat resisting steels
UNI 6901-71 Stainless and heat resisting steels (semifinished products)

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