Company Profile

Ansteel was originated from merger and reorganization of Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation and Pangang Group Co., Ltd. in May 2010. Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation was the first restored large-sized steel maker of the New China and the earliest built steel production base and made great contributions to national economic construction and the development of steel course. Therefore, it was known as the “Cradle of Steel Industry of New China” and the “Eldest Son of Steel Industry of the Republic”; Pangang Group Co., Ltd. is the largest vanadium manufacturer in the world, the largest titanium raw material and important titanium dioxide production base in China. In 2011, Ansteel Group Corporation ranked among Fortune 500 Largest Global Corporations.

As one of the state-owned large-sized enterprises, Ansteel now has 7 production bases with special characteristics in northeast, southwest, north China, southeast and south China, masters rich iron ore resources in Liaoning and Sichuan, China and Karara, Australia. It is the steel enterprise with the most resource advantages in China.

Ansteel has a complete advanced steel production process and equipment from mining, ore dressing, sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling, coking and chemical, refractory, utility and transportation and has complete technical and management output capability of mine and steel. Ansteel Group Corporation has the production capability of 39 million tons of raw steel, produces 3000 steel grades and more than 60000 specifications of high-tech and high value-added steel, vanadium and titanium products with good quality. It has a complete series of steel products, including hot- and cold-rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, color coated sheet, cold-rolled silicon steel, heavy rail, seamless pipe, section, wire rod, steel rope products and stainless steel and vanadium series products, such as vanadium-nitrogen alloy, vanadium pentoxide, high vanadium ferroalloy and so on, high titanium slag, titanium dioxide, sponge titanium and other titanium products. They are widely used in dozens of industries, such as railway, building, automobile, machinery, shipbuilding, home appliances, container, petroleum and petrochemical, aeronautics and astronautics and so on. Automobile steel, railway steel, home appliance steel, ship and ocean engineering steel, container steel, electrical steel, petroleum and petrochemical steel, high-end product steel and special steel are in domestic leading position. Ansteel Group Corporation has become the largest rail and ship plate manufacturer in China, the largest vanadium producer in the world and the largest titanium raw material and important titanium dioxide production base in China.

The products of Ansteel are sold to more than 60 countries and regions. It has 26 overseas companies and organizations and more than 500 domestic and international customers and partners. It has 5 billion dollars of import and export amount per year. The products are used in major projects both at home and abroad, such as the “West-East National Gas Transmission”, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Three Gorges Projects, Nanjing Yangzte Bridge, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, National Stadium “Bird’s Nest” in China and Verrazano Bridge and Tanana River Bridge in America. Ansteel Group Corporation has a long-term strategic cooperation with world-class enterprises, such as ThyssenKrupp, Vesuvius and GE and is also the global supplier of many international well-known enterprises, such as Germany Volkswagen and BMW, American GE Automobile and South Korean STX.

Due to continuous innovation in metallurgical technique, process and products, Ansteel is the first batch of “Innovative Enterprise” and the first steel enterprise with complete technique output capability in China.

Ansteel has been placing high importance on exercising social responsibility, committed to creat values for shareholders, customers, employees and society, striving to set a good example in running business legally, keeping honesty, energy conservation and environmental protection, taking people first, building harmony, sending care and love, and carrying out targeted poverty alleviation, keeps promoting sustainable development of the enterprise, society and environment, thus builds a credible, green, safe, vigorous and responsible state-owned enterprise.

Looking forward, Ansteel people are committed to providing better materials and creating better life, practicing “Five Development Concepts”, focusing on the implementation of “Three Promotions”, paying adequate attention to four major tasks, i.e. adjustment, reform, innovation and strengthening Party Construction, developing steel industry steadily, taking the development of non-steel industry in high priority, coordinating the development of resource industry, unswervingly builds a stronger, better and larger Ansteel. Ansteel is striding forward to be an iron and steel group corporation with the most international influence.