1Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 13Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 961 stainless steel

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  • Smelting: EAF+LF+VD
  • Delivery condition: Forging
  • Heat treatment: Annealed
  • Surface: Rough Turned
  • Standard: GB/T,YBT,GJB
  • Lead Time: days
  • Shape: Round,Flat,Plate
  • Payments: T/T,L/C,D/P

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Now I often encounter some people in the industry asking about the 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV material. Today I will talk about the composition and characteristics of this material. 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV stainless steel is also called 961 stainless steel. The latest grade is 13Cr11Ni2W2MoV, and the digital grade is S47310.

The grade in the GJB 2294-95 and GB/T 1221-92 standards is 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV. After the new GB/T 1221-2007 standard is promulgated, the grade is updated to 13Cr11Ni2W2MoV. This material is a chromium-nickel tungsten-molybdenum-vanadium martensitic heat-resistant steel with good The toughness and oxidation resistance, and good corrosion resistance in fresh water and humid air. Mainly in the aviation industry, it has been widely used in the manufacture of engine blades, disks, shafts and other important parts that operate below 600°C.

1Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 13Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 961 Chemical composition:

1Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 13Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 961 chemical composition

1Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 13Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 961 Physical properties:

Density Density (20℃)/kg/dm3: 7.8,

Melting point/℃: —,

Specific heat capacity (0~100℃)/kg/(kg.k): 0.48,

Thermal conductivity/w/(m.k)100℃-:22.2,

Thermal conductivity/w/(m.k)500℃-:28.1,

Linear expansion coefficient/(10-6/k)0~100℃:9.3,

Linear expansion coefficient/(10-6/k)0~617℃:11.7,

Resistivity (20℃)/(Ω.mm2/m):-,

Longitudinal elastic modulus (20℃)/GPa:196,

Magnetism: Yes.

#Temperature (℃) Modulus of Elasticity (GPa) MTEC Thermal Conductivity (W/m·℃) Specific Heat Capacity (J/kg·℃) Electrical Resistance (Ωmm²/m) Density (kg/dm³) Poisson's Ratio, v1500.0 --28.10----2500.0-11.70-----3100.0--22.20----4100.0-9.30-----520.0---480.00---620.0-----7.80-720.0196.00 ------

Delivery status: solid solution treatment of bars, solid solution pickling of plates,

1Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 13Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 961 GB/T 1221-2007 Mechanical properties:

Tensile strength RM/MPa: rod d-diameter ≤75mm quenching + tempering 1080.00-2 rod d-diameter ≤75mm quenching + tempering 885.00,

Yield strength Rp0.2/MPa: Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenching+tempering 735.00-2 Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenching+tempering 885.00

Impact energy, Kv/Ku(J): Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenching+tempering 55.00-2 Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenching+tempering 71.00

Elongation A/%: Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenching+tempering 12.00-2 Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenching+tempering 15.00

Reduction of area (Z/%): Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenching+tempering 50.00-2 Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenching+tempering 55.00

Hardness: Rod d-diameter≤75mm Annealed HB-269.00-2 Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenched+tempered HB311.00388.00-3 Rod d-diameter≤75mm Quenched+tempered HB269.00321.00

1Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 13Cr11Ni2W2MoV, 961 heat treatment:

#Heat treatment method description Remarks 1 Tempering 540℃~600℃, oil cooling or air cooling 2 tempering 660℃~710℃, oil cooling or air cooling 3 quenching 1000℃~1020℃, oil cooling or air cooling 4 quenching 1000℃~1020℃ , Normalizing

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