Hungarian (MSZ) standards for steel materials

MSZ standards for steel materials


Review of MSZ Standards for Steel consists of 4 volumes. It contains formally approved MSZ standard classifications, guides, practices, specifications, test methods, and terminology and related material such as proposals.


The following data is given for each standard: standard number and year, grade, chemical composition, and mechanical properties (yield point, tensile strength, notch toughness). When deemed useful, steel type, manufacturing method, thickness of plate, heat treatment, and other data are described.

This group of MSZ standard specifications covers the carbon steel forging and alloy steels, plates and forgings used in boilers and pressure vessels, high-strength low-alloy, heat-treatable steels, sheet and strip. This volume features standards for various types of steel pipe which specify requirements for high-temperature service, ordinary use, and special applications such as fire protection use. Specifications for steel tubes list standard requirements for boiler and super heater tubes, general service tubes, still tubes in refinery service, heat exchanger and condenser tubes, mechanical tubing, and structural tubing. Steel casting specifications call out the standard properties for pressure purposes. Presentation are group standards for tool steels, stainless and heat resisting steels and group standards for steel with special physical properties

Group standards for structural and constructional steels

MSZ 17 Seamless tubes with increased requirements
MSZ 23 Metal sheet and strip
MSZ 29 Seamless tubes for general use
MSZ 31 Case hardening
MSZ 33.3019 Mining chains (non magnetizable)
MSZ 33.3029 Mining chains (high alloy)
MSZ 33.3031 Free-cutting steels
MSZ 33.3035 For sheet
MSZ 33.3036 Steel for gas cylinders
MSZ 113 Rivet steel
MSZ 273 Galvanized steel wire for power lines
MSZ 339 Hot rolled concrete steel
MSZ 382/2 Straight bead welded sized tubes
MSZ 500 Carbon steels
MSZ 520 Wear resistant manganese steel
MSZ 982 Cold formed concrete steels
MSZ 1741 Steels for boilers and pressure vessels
MSZ 1749 High-temperature castings
MSZ 1745 High temperature steels for screws
MSZ 2295 Steels for high-pressure hydrogenation vessels
MSZ 2570 Rails
MSZ 2666 Hot rolled spring steels
MSZ 2751 Axle-trees for rail vehicles
MSZ 2752 Raw tyres for rail vehicles
MSZ 2754 Wheel bodies for rail vehicles
MSZ 2978/2 Straight bead welded and cold formed tubes
MSZ 3156 Drill tubes
MSZ 3741 Spiral welded tubes with increased requirements
MSZ 3770 Spiral welded tubes with special requirements
MSZ 4051 Tubes with special requirements
MSZ 4213 Low carbon cold rolled narrow strip
MSZ 4339 Free-cutting steels
MSZ 4400 Cryogenic steels
MSZ 4747 High-temperature tubes
MSZ 5750 Crain rails
MSZ 6251 Steels for plastic cold deformation
MSZ 6259 Patinable steels
MSZ 6280 Weldable steels
MSZ 7262 Flanged profiles
MSZ 8267 Cryogenic castings
MSZ 8272 Low alloy castings
MSZ 8273 Wear resisting cast iron
MSZ 8276 Carbon steel castings
MSZ 17779 Nitriding steels
MSZ 17789 Ball and roller bearing steels
MSZ 6447 Filler rod for submerged arc welding
MSZ 6448 Filler rod for shielded arc welding

Group standards for tool steels

MSZ 4351   High-speed steels
MSZ 4352   Alloy tool steels
MSZ 4354   Carbon tool steels
MSZ 33.3011   Alloyed tool steels
MSZ 33.3012   Alloyed tool steels
MSZ 33.3015   Steel for mandrels for tubes
MSZ 33.3016   Steel for highly stressed mandrels for tubes

Group standards for stainless and heat resisting steels

MSZ 4357   Heat-resisting steel castings
MSZ 4359   Heat-resisting steels
MSZ 4360   Stainless steels
MSZ 5776   Valve steels
MSZ 21053   Stainless steel castings

Group standards for steel with special physical properties

MSZ 8273   Wear resisting cast iron
MSZ 8625   Iron of high degree of purity
MSZ 8628   Soft iron
MSZ 13722/1   Iron-nickel alloys
MSZ 13723/1   Alloys for the amalgamation with glass and ceramics
MSZ 13724/1   Vacuum iron strip
MSZ 13725   Soft magnetic strip of Ni-Fe alloys