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Material Properties The use of material properties including physical properties (such as specific gravity, melting point, conductivity, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, magnetic, etc.), chemical performance (durability corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, mechanical properties (mechanical properties), etc.Material process performance refers to the ability to adapt to the cold and hot working methods.

Technological Curves Process curve is for material hot working(heat treatment, welding, forging, etc.) process to develop the necessary basic information.

Basic Data Basic data database contains gallery, diffusion coefficient, element properties, two-thirds of d microstructure library library.

PSI:Potential Supplier Identification

Customizable MPP

Upgrades Grades

1.4890 X4NiCrTi25-20 40X15H7 1.2895 Z10CN18-09 LF6 TB6 Be3 015 A 03 030 A 04 040 A 04 040 A 04 040 A 10 040 A 10 Grade 0 0/1 0/2 0/3 0/4 1/1 1/2 1/3 2/1 2/2 3/1 3/2 5/1 5/2 Grade 7 9/0a 9/1a 9/2a 9/3a 9/3a 10/1a 10/2a 1.0412 1.0412 1.0412 1.4924 GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-ST-S X6Cr17 GMW3161M-ST-S X2Cr13 GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... GMW10M-IR-C N400A-18 GMW10M-IR-C N800M-2 GMW10M-IR-C N700M-2 GMW10M-IR-C N700-2 GMW3161M-S... GMW3161M-S... 1.4467 X2CrMnNiMoN26-5-4 X3CrMnNiMoN25-6-4 ASTM A437 B4B ASTM A437 B4CB ASTM A437 B4D ASP 2053 13CrMo44 1.8925 S890QL1 1.8933 S960QL 1.8933 1.8940 S890Q 1.8983 S890QL 1.8941 S960Q C75S 1.2332 47CrMo4 AM350 SAE AM350 AMS AM350 709M40 En19 CU-5MCuC CY-5SnBiM CX-2MW CW-6MC CW-2M CW-6M CW-12MW CY-40 N-7M M-30C N-12MV M-25S M-30H M-35-2 CZ-100 M-35-1 J93254 J94651 J94650 J08007 J93000 J92999 J92710 J92900 J92600 J92800 J92500 CK-3MCuN CN-3MN CN-7MS CN-7M CG-8M CG-3M CF-8C CF-8M CF-8 CF-3M CF-3 CB7Cu-2 CB7Cu-1 CB-6 CK-35MN CK-3MCuN CA-28MWV CA-6N CA-6NM CN-7MS CN-7M CN-3MN CN-3M CG-8M CG-3M CG-6MMN CF-3MN CF-3M CF-10SMnN CF-3 CA-40F CA-40 CC-50 CB-30 CA-15M CA-15 CE-30 CH-20 CK-20 CH-10 CF-16Fa CF-16F CF-8C CF-8M CF-20 CG-12 50Cr-50Ni-Nb CF-8 60Cr-40Ni 50Cr-50Ni Type II Type I J02503 J03002 J02502 WCC WCB WCA J94603 J94204 N08007 J94203 J94651 J93402 J93401 J93400 J93202 J93254 J93000 J93790 J92999 J92802 J93970 J92972 J92971 J92901 J92900 J92600 J92710 J92804 J92800 J92500 HT30 HK40 HK30 CT15C