Yugoslav (JUS) standards for steel materials

JUS-standards for steel materials


Review of JUS Standards for Steel consists of 2 volumes. It contains formally approved JUS standard classifications, guides, practices, specifications, test methods, and terminology and related material such as proposals.


The following data is given for each standard: standard number and year, grade, chemical composition, and mechanical properties (yield point, tensile strength, notch toughness). When deemed useful, steel type, manufacturing method, thickness of plate, heat treatment, and other data are described.

This group of JUS standard specifications covers the structural carbon and alloy steels, steels for boilers and spring steels, sheet and strip, ball and rolled bearing steels and spring steels for railway wagons. This volume features standards for various types of steel pipe which specify requirements for high-temperature service, and special applications such as fire protection use. Specifications for steel tubes list standard requirements for boiler and super heater tubes, general service tubes, still tubes in refinery service, heat exchanger and condenser tubes, mechanical tubing, and structural tubing. Steel casting specifications call out the standard properties for pressure purposes. Presentation are group standards for stainless and heat resisting steels.

Group standards for structural and constructional steels

JUS C.B0.500 Structural steels
JUS C.B0.501 Wire rod
JUS C.B0.505 Free-cutting steels
JUS C.B0.506 Steels for rivets and screws
JUS C.B0.507 Chain steels
JUS C.B0.508 Steels resistant to ageing
JUS C.B0.551 Spring steels
JUS C.B0.601 Ball and roller bearing steels
JUS C.B2.020 Structural steels
JUS C.B4.014 Steels for boilers
JUS C.B4.016 Metal steels
JUS C.B4.025 Continous hot-dip coated metal sheet
JUS C.B4.030 Sheet for liquid gas holders
JUS C.B5.021 Seamless tubes
JUS C.B5.022 High temperature seamless tubes
JUS C.B5.025 Welded tubes
JUS C.B5.026 Welded tubes
JUS C.B5.030 Bright, semless precision tubes
JUS C.B5.050 Welded precision tubes
JUS C.B9.020 Case hardening steels
JUS C.B9.021 Heat-treatable steels
JUS C.B9.022 Steels for flame and induction hardening
JUS C.H3.052 Wire rod for submerged arc welding
JUS.C.J3.011 Steel casting
JUS C.K1.310 Spring steels for railway wagons
JUS C.K6.020 Reinforcing bars
JUS C.K6.021 Reinforcing steel

Group standards for stainless and heat resisting steels

JUS C.J3.013 Stainless steel castings
JUS C.J3.014 Heat-resisting castings