Spanish (UNE) standards for steel materials

UNE standards for steel materials


Review of UNE Standards for Steel consists of 3 volumes. It contains formally approved UNE standard classifications, guides, practices, specifications, test methods, and terminology and related material such as proposals.


The following data is given for each standard: standard number and year, grade, chemical composition, and mechanical properties (yield point, tensile strength, notch toughness). When deemed useful, steel type, manufacturing method, thickness of plate, heat treatment, and other data are described.

This group of UNE standard specifications covers the carbon and alloy steels, plates for boilers and other pressure vessels, sheet and strip, high-strength low-alloy, heat-treatable steels, hot and cold-rolled plates for cold forming, and non-alloy steel. Steel casting specifications call out the standard properties for pressure purposes. Presentation is group standards for tool steels, stainless and heat resisting steels.

Group standards for structural and constructional steels

UNE 36013-76 Cementation steels
UNE 36014-75 Nitriding steels
UNE 36015-77 Spring steels
UNE 36021-80 Free-cutting steels
UNE 36027-86 Ball and roller bearing steels
UNE 36032-85 Steels for bolts
UNE 36034-85 Cold heading and cold extruding
UNE 36051-91(1) Heat-treatable steels
UNE 36051-91(2) Heat-treatable steels
UNE 36080-90 Non-alloy steels
UNE 36081-76 Fine grained structural steels
UNE 36082-84 Resistant to weathering
UNE 36084-79 Steels for shipbuilding
UNE 36086-91 Cold rolled flat products for cold forming
UNE 36087-74 Sheets
UNE 36087-76/78 Sheet and strip
UNE 36121-85 Cold rolled strip
UNE 36123-90 Hot rolled strip
UNE 36129-89(1) Steel plate for welded gas cylinders
UNE 36253-71 Steel casting
UNE 36254-79 Steel casting
UNE 36255-79 Steel casting
UNE 36256-73 Steel casting
UNE 36259-79 Steel casting

Group standards for tool steels

UNE 36071 1975 Carbon tool steels
UNE 36072(1) 1975 Alloyed cold work steels
UNE 36072(2) 1975 Alloyed hot work steels
UNE 36073 1975 High speed steels

Group standards for stainless and heat resisting steels

UNE 36016-89(1) Bars, wire and forged pieces
UNE 36016-89(2) Flat rolled products
UNE 36017-85 Heat-resisting steels
UNE 36022-91 Valve steels
UNE 36087-89/4 Sheet and strip
UNE 36257-74 Stainless steel castings
UNE 36258-74 Heat-resisting steel castings