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Inconel 600

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Chemical composition % of the ladle analysis of grade Inconel 600

Mechanical properties of grade Inconel 600

Technological properties of grade Inconel 600

Hardness and heat treatment specification of grade Inconel 600
salt-bath furnace controlled atmosphere furnace
235 262 788 1191 1204 5~15 air cooling 522 60
longitudinal horizontal
Hot-rolled/Cold rolling:5 - 150 520 415 16~18 2a 3.5a
(1) listed in the table apex diameter (d), to steel thickness (a) multiples said.
(2) in the ASTM A6 standard specified scope can meet any additional conditions.
(3) from the standard for 50 mm (2 in).
Mechanical properties
Mechanische Eigenschaften
Caracteristiques mecaniques
ReH Minimum yield strength / Mindestwert der oberen Streckgrenze / Limite d’elasticite minimale
Rm Tensile strength / Zugfestigkeit / Resistance a la traction
A Minimum elongation / Mindestwert der Bruchdehnung / Allongement minimal
J Notch impact test / Kerbschlagbiegeversuch / Essai de flexion par choc
Inconel 600 steel description:

Step Shaft: steel plate/sheet,coil,round bar,flat bar,tube/pipe,Profiled forgings

Inconel 600 steel Specifications or Size:

Round bar:
Diameter : 1mm-2000mm

Square bar:
Size: 50mm * 50mm-600mm *600mm

Plate steel/flat bar:
Size: Thickness: 0.1mm-800mm Width: 10mm to 1500mm

Size: OD: 6-219mm WT: 1-35 mm.

Cold-rolled sheet: Thickness: 2-5mm Width:1000mm Length: 2000mm

Hot-rolled sheet: Thickness:6-80mm Width: 210-610mm

Length: We can supply any length based on the customer's requirement.

Forging/hot rolling/ extrusion of steel.

Forging: Shafts with flanks/pipes/tubes/slugs/donuts/cubes/other shapes

Finished goods condition: hot forging/hot rolling + annealing/normalizing + tempering/quenching + tempering/any conditions based on the customer's requirement

Surface conditions: scaled (hot working finish)/ground/rough machining/fine machining/based on the customer's requirement

Furnaces for metallurgical processing: electrode arc + LF/VD/VOD/ESR/Vacuum consumable electrode.

Ultrasonic inspection: 100% ultrasonic inspection for any inperfections or based on the customer's requirement.

UTS according to SEP 1921 C/c,D/d,E/e;A388 or GB/T 6402

Excellent service for all kinds of industries, with advantages of technologies, equipment and price.

We serve you with our honesty, integrity, and professionality.


Cr Ni+Co
0.15   0.5  1.0  0.04  0.015 14-17   >=72
Mo Al Cu Nb+Ta Ti V Fe
   0.35  0.5  1.0 0.5    6.0-10.0 
N Co Pb B Other    


Inconel 600 metallographic structure:


600 for heart cubic lattice structure surface.


Inconel 600 resistance to corrosion:

600 alloy for all sorts of corrosive medium have corrosion resistance. Chromium components to the alloy in oxidation conditions than nickel 99.2 (alloy 200) and nickel 99.2 (alloy 201, low carbon) has better corrosion resistance. At the same time, higher nickel content make alloy in reduction conditions and alkaline solution has the very good corrosion resistance, and can effectively prevent the chlorine-iron stress corrosion cracking. 600 alloy in acetic acid, acetic acid, YiSuan, stearic acid, organic acids in has the very good corrosion resistance, in inorganic acid with medium corrosion resistance. In a nuclear reactor and quadratic recycling high purity of the water has the very good corrosion resistance. The performance of the 600 especially is resistant to corrosion of chlorine and dry hydrogen, the application of the temperature of 650 ℃. Under high temperature, annealing state and solid solution treatment of the state in the air in the alloy has the very good antioxidant spalling performance and high strength. The alloy resist ammonia and seepage nitrogen, carburizing atmosphere, but in REDOX conditions changing alternately, alloy will be affected by the partial oxidation corrosion of the medium (such as green death liquid)


Inconel 600 application application fields are:

1. The erosion of the atmosphere thermocouple protection tube

2. Of vinyl chloride monomer production: resistance to chlorine, hydrogen, oxidation and carbonization corrosion

3. Uranium oxide into six fluoride: currently, corrosion resistance

4. The production and use of alkali metal corrosion field, especially with the sulfide environment

5. With chlorine legal titanium dioxide

6. Organic or inorganic chloride and the production of fluoride: the chlorine and fluorine corrosion

7. Nuclear reactor

8. Heat treatment furnace curve neck bottle and parts, especially in the carbonization and nitriding atmosphere

9. Petroleum chemical industry in the production of the 700 ℃ catalytic regeneration in the application of the above recommended for alloy 600 for long service life.

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